keywest-redKeywest Red

The flowers are 2″ across. Well overlapped with a strong frangipani fragrance. A low growing plant making a nice symmetrical specimen for container growing.



aztecgoldAztec Gold

A marvelous large yellow flower, 4″ that shades to white. Faint pink band on reverse. A strong unique fragrance of ripe Georgia peaches. A somewhat leggy grower under moist conditions. A must for anybody starting on the Plumeria road.



Bright pink windmill 3″ flowers that fade down to a lighter pink, giving a multicolor look to the flower spike. These star shaped flowers have a light sweet fragrance. Tall, well branched growing tree.



candystripeCandy Stripe

A real outstanding cultivar. The 2-3″ multicolor flower could have been named Barber’s Pole, because of the sharp combination of red, yellow and white stripes. Many flowers display 6 to 8 petals. Compact tree with multiple branching. Gardenia essence. An easy grower for the first time buyer.


gladys-onealGladys O-Neal

This medium sized tree is a seedling of Maui Beauty. Stunning yellow and pink flowers cover this tree in early spring. It has a strong rose fragrance.




katiemoragneKatie Moragne

Great Hawaiian variety. 4″ Pinkish red with yellow centered flower decorate this medium sized tree.






A peach of a Plumeria, peach colored petals with soft peachy pink edges. The petals are overlapped and wide. Good sweet fragrance. Medium tall well branched tree.



jeaniemorganJeannie Moragne

Spectacular 5 ½” bright pink star-shaped flowers with dark pink streaks radiating from the gold center. Good rose fragrance. Tall vigorous growing tree.




Large 3″ bright white flowers with small yellow orange center. A windmill shaped flower with blunt ends of petals. Good citrus fragrance. Medium growing tree with dark shiny semi-evergreen leaves. Sweet fragrance.




A very nice little Plumeria flower from Mexico. The 2″ across dark pink flower has a very contrasting small yellow center. A very pleasant cinnamon fragrance. A nice tall and upright tree. Very good street lining potential.

kimimoragneKimi Moragne

Very large bright pink 4 ½-5″ flowers that are overlapped with a rolled edge. The tree is covered with large clusters of long lasting flowers. Rose fragrance. Medium tall tree.



groovefanGrove Farm

4 ½” Cotton candy pink petals with dark pink bands on front and back, and a golden yellow center. Flowers have good texture and are overlapped. A nice rose fragrance. A good upright grower and good bloomer.



kancohe-sunburstKanoehe Sunburst

3-4″ Bright pink and yellow flowers adorn this medium sized tree.