Succulent Dish Garden

DIY Dish Garden project

Quarantined with nothing to do?

Get your green thumb out and lets get to planting!

In today’s post we’re going to highlight one of our previous workshop activities that will keep everyone entertained.

Example of a Dish Garden

Our succulent dish garden kit is available if you click here

If you already have all of the materials, keep reading to create your awesome dish garden!

Materials You Will Need

  • 1 glass terrarium with a hole at the bottom for drainage
  • bag of potting soil
  • 4 small succulents
  • small bag of rocks
  • small bag of sand
  • moss
  • decorative figurines
Dish Garden Idea
  1. Put the soil in the tray and lightly water to moisten the soil
  2. Dig about a finger length hole in the dirt for your first plant, lightly tap around the plant to secure it in the dirt. Repeat for the other 3 plants
  3. Add in the decorative figurines to create a fun scene for your plants
  4. Add in the white decorative sand to create walkways in the dirt
  5. Add the rocks in around the sand
  6. Lightly water in your terrarium

How to care for your succulent garden

Light– put tray in high light area, outside where your tray gets morning light. Be careful not to leave it in the hot afternoon heat!

Watering– do not over water your plants.. only once a week! Succulents like to be dry but do not starve them of water or they will shrivel!

Growth– As your plants grow you can split them and trim them back, and make more succulents!

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