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Southeast Texas Native Plants

    At Jimbo’s we carry a variety Native Plants for this region. They are the building blocks of our natural habitat & support many animals & critters. Without them, the place we call home would become an ecological desert. Thank you for supporting Native!

    Turks Cap

    Deciduous perennial shrub, 2 to 4 feet height with spreading branches 8 -12 feet wide. It can be grown in the sun or shade & can survive in drought conditions. This shrub is a favorite nectar source for hummingbirds and swallowtail butterflies.


    Esperanza is known for the striking, tubular 2 inch bright yellow flowers highlighted by shiny, green foliage and continue through the heat of the summer. The flowers provide nectar for bees. It can grow up to 3-6′ tall & can tolerate drought conditions.


    The host plant of Monarch Butterflies, milkweed is a vital part of the Monarch life cycle. They need high draining soil & are known for their colorful blooms.

    Yaupon Holly

    Evergreen shrub that can grow up to 25′ with
    dense cover that birds like to nest in. Yaupon can tolerate sun or shade and wet or dry soil. They produce red berries that attract
    many birds including woodpeckers and songbirds.

    Southern Wax Myrtle

    tolerant when established. Wax Myrtle produces gray berries that are eaten by 40 different species of birds. This tough local native can grow in sun or shade and wet or dry soil.

    American Beautyberry

    Perennial shrub that can grow up to 9′. It has long, arching branches and yellow-green fall foliage, in the fall & winter it produces striking clusters of purple berries that are an important food source for many birds.

    Blue Sage

    Blue sage grows up to five feet tall & is a favorite among pollinators. The flowers are blue and tubular, and the throat of the flower is white.

    Texas Lantana

    Heat & drought tolerant, lantana makes a great Texas groundcover. It produces tight & colorful blooms & stays about 1′ off the ground

    Gulf Coast Muhly

    Gulf muhly is 2-3 ft., perennial grass with a large, airy, grass with spikelets that are purple. In fall the plant takes on a feathery, deep pink hue.

    Black-Eyed Susan

    Black eyed susan is know for its bright yellow blooms & tall stalks reaching 2′. Pollinators love this native and thrive in full sun

    Texas Olive

    Known for its large white blooms, this small evergreen tree reaches a typical height of 15 feet with about a 10-foot spread. This native Texan of the lower Rio Grande Valley is naturally found along stream beds and slopes, preferring a well-drained soil.