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December Garden Guide

    Creating a to-do list for your Houston garden in December involves tasks that are influenced by the local climate and seasonal changes. While Houston generally has mild winters compared to many other parts of the country, there are still specific tasks to focus on during this time. Here’s a December to-do list for your Houston garden:

    1. Planting:
      • Cool-Season Vegetables: December is a great time to plant cool-season vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, lettuce, and spinach. These crops thrive in the cooler temperatures.
    2. Pruning:
      • Perennials: Prune dormant perennials to remove dead or diseased growth.
      • Deciduous Trees and Shrubs: Prune deciduous trees and shrubs while they are dormant.
      • Rose Bushes: Prune roses to shape and remove dead or weak growth.
      • Fruit Trees: Consider pruning fruit trees for structure and removing dead or crowded branches.
    3. Maintenance:
      • Weeding: Continue to control weeds to prevent them from taking over in the spring.
      • Mulching: Mulch around plants to help retain soil moisture and regulate soil temperature.
      • Watering: Adjust watering schedules based on the weather. Water deeply but less frequently during cooler months.
      • Inspect for Pests: Check plants for signs of pests and treat as necessary.
    4. Soil Care:
      • Composting: Add compost to your garden beds to enrich the soil.
      • Soil Testing: Consider testing your soil to determine nutrient levels and make amendments if necessary.
    5. Indoor Gardening:
      • Start Seeds Indoors: If you plan to grow your own transplants, start seeds indoors for warm-season crops.
      • Houseplants: Check houseplants for pests, and adjust watering as needed.
    6. Planning:
      • Garden Planning: Use this time to plan and design any changes or additions to your garden for the upcoming year.
      • Order Seeds: Order seeds for spring and summer crops.
    7. Protection:
      • Frost Protection: While Houston generally experiences mild winters, occasional frosts can occur. Be prepared to protect sensitive plants if frost is forecasted.

    Remember to tailor this list to your specific garden’s needs and local weather conditions. Observing and responding to the unique conditions of your garden will lead to the best results.