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Holiday Gifting Guide

    Find a gift for all the plant lovers in your life! From air plants to cactus, Jimbo’s got you covered this Christmas 🙂

    Air Plants

    Attached to a shell or left on a windowsill Air Plants make incredibly unique gifts without breaking the bank! Simply spray with water & they absorb all the nutrients they need through their leaves!

    Price: $2-$25

    Pictured: Airplant on Shell $6

    Cactus & Succulent Arrangement

    Looking for a low maintenance plant option with southwest vibes? Pick out a handcrafted succulent arrangement with a variety of unique succulents & cacti! No need to worry about water! It can be kept in a bright sunny window or outdoors!

    Price: $10-$40

    Pictured: Cactus

    Bromeliad Mounts

    One of our most unique options, our handcrafted bromeliad mounts bring the tropics to you! Adhered to driftwood, these air plants do not need soil & are watered via spray bottle! They are great for kitchens or bathrooms (they love humidity) & are relatively easy to care for.

    Price: $15-$40


    Houseplants make a perfect Christmas gift for your plant loving friends! Choose from a variety of rare houseplants all the way to common low maintenance plants! Stop by & our knowledgable associates will help you find the perfect houseplant.

    Price: $5-$35

    Pictured: Philodendron Florida Green – $25

    air plant on a shell

    Bromeliad Christmas Arrangement

    Want to wow your guests at Christmas? Pick up a tropical bromeliad arrangement that will last after the holiday festivities are over!

    Price: $35