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Is Your Garden Spring Ready?

    garden center with a greenhouse and flowers

    Prepping your garden for upcoming warm weather will help set you up for success this season!

    Assess your garden

    What worked in your garden last year? What plants thrived & others struggled? How is the health of your soil? What are your garden goals? Is your lawn healthy? What plants are ready to feed? Asking these questions will give you a better understanding of your garden needs this spring.

    Spring Cleaning

    It’s that time of the year to clean out the old! Go through your garden supplies & clean out any clutter & assess what tools & supplies you’ll need for this year. Start removing weeds & leaves that have built up over the winter to make way for your upcoming garden.

    Start Seeds/Liners

    If you are planning on growing seeds this year, now is the time! Tomatoes, peppers & other warm season veggies do best with a head start indoors! If you’re running out of time to start your own seeds, we have plenty of healthy vegetable liners for you to choose from!

    Add compost & other soil amendments to your garden

    To grow healthy plants you must have healthy soil! Feed your soil with a healthy layer of compost & add in additional micronutrients with Azomite. If you have sandy soil add as much organic matter as you can to your soil.

    If you have heavy compact soil, you can add pelletized gypsum or Tejas green sand to break up the thickness of the clay. Not sure what to do with your soil? Ask one of our team members what would be the best fit for you!

    Make a garden plan

    What type of garden do you want to have this year? Tropical, native, vegetable or all the above? Achieve your garden goals by mapping out your sunlight & water availability & deciding the amount of maintenance that you are willing to put in this year.

    Garden with Jimbo’s!

    No matter your spring needs, we are here to help! If you have any questions about your garden or plants our team members are here to answer your spring questions! If you are looking to learn check out our FREE Spring Prep 101 class on March 18th