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New Plants – June 26th

    The nursery is in full bloom & we have lots of new arrivals! Check out some of our favorite summer performers!


    • Tangerine Cross Vine
    • Purple Passion Vine
    • Wisteria Summerwine

    Flowering Bushes

    • Hibiscus Desire Head Over Heels
    • Hibiscus Dream Head Over Heels
    • Hibiscus Passion Head Over Heels
    • Pavonia Rock Rose
    • Pineapple Guava
    • Double Red Knock Out Rose
    • Red Drift Rose
    • Sweet Drift Rose


    • Redbud Rise N Shine
    • Redbud Ruby Falls
    • Redbud Black Pearl


    • Inland Sea Oats
    • Little Blue Stem
    • Dianella White
    • Little Bunny Grass