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New Spring Arrivals – February 22nd!


    Looking to build a butterfly garden, or add floral interest? These are some of our favorite flowering perennials that will last for years to come!

    • Damianita
    • Gaillardia Spintop Copper Sun
    • Gaura Graceful Pink
    • Gaura Monarch White
    • Gaura Passionate Rainbow
    • Plumbago
    • Perovskia Crazy Blue
    • Lantana Irene Red
    • Salvia Black & Blue
    • Salvia Mystic Spires
    • Salvia May Night
    • Shasta Daisy Sweet Christine
    • Verbena Homestead Purple
    • Bougainvillea Juanita Hatten
    • Artemesia Parfume D’Ethiopia

    Shade Plants

    Who says shade plants have to be boring? Check out our newest colorful shade options!=

    • Ajuga Burgundy Glow
    • Ajuga Chocolate Chip
    • Ajuga Princess Nadia
    • Ajuga Silver Queen
    • Fig Ivy
    • Rush Corkscrew Grass
    • Impatiens Flower
    • Begonia

    Landscape Shrubs/Trees

    Our favorite “anchor plants” that will last for years!

    • Japanese Boxwood
    • Crape Myrtle Enduring Summer Red
    • Purple Fountain Grass
    • Mexican Fan Palm
    • Coral Drift Rose
    • Peach Drift Rose
    • Purple Vitex
    • Japanese Yew Pringles


    Don’t feel like watering? Add these desert favorites for a xeriscape look to your yard!

    • Red Yucca
    • Blue Glow Agave
    • Truncata Agave
    • Pachyphytum Bubbles Succulent
    • Portulacaria Afra Red Stem
    • Mexican Sedum