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New Winter Fruit Trees!

    Fall/Winter is a great time to plant your fruit trees! With the cooler weather & more rainfall, it allows the root system to establish itself before the heat of the summer. All fruit trees are in 3 gallon pots excluding the pecans which are in 7 gallon.

    Avocado – $50

    Fantastic Avocado

    Lila Avocado

    Joey Avocado

    Lemon- $45

    • Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon
    • Improved Meyer Lemon
    • Frost Eureka Lemon

    Lime- $45

    • Palestinian Lime

    Blueberry- $30

    • Biloxi Blueberry
    • Emerald Blueberry

    Blackberry- $35

    • Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry
    • Von Blackberry

    Peach- $35

    • May Pride Peach
    • Tropic Snow Peach

    Pear- $35

    • Leconte Pear

    Plum- $35

    • Methley Plum
    • Scarlett Beauty Plum

    Nectarine- $35

    • Panamint Nectarine

    Apricot- $35

    • Katy Apricot
    • Gold Kist Apricot

    Pluot- $35

    • Flavor King
    • Flavor Grenade

    Pecan- $120

    • Cape Fear
    • Elliot

    Don’t Forget Fertilizer!

    We recommend Microlife’s Citrus & Fruit blend because of it’s organic formulation & additional micronutrients! All the awesome minerals in MicroLife get transferred to your fruit so when you eat MicroLife grown food you get those critical minerals back. Chemically grown foods are devoid of crucial nutrition and have awful pesticide residuals.

    Learn more about Microlife below!