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Winter Is Coming..

    Follow these simple 3 steps to keep your garden warm & protected!

    1) Mulch & Compost your in-ground plants! This will keep the plant roots warm for the winter & add beneficial micronutrients to your depleted soil!

    2) Water in your plants before a deep freeze. This may seem counterintuitive, but wet roots = warm roots!

    3) Cover with Frost Blanket! Frost blanket can be left on all winter once applied.

    Frost blanket is available at the nursery for $2 per foot x 12 feet wide.

    Benefits of Frost Blanket

    1) Lightweight: Frost blankets are garden covers made of lightweight, 100% polypropylene fabric. They are ultra-lightweight, keeping your plants safe from damage & allows air flow to your plant! Unlike commonly used alternatives like bed sheets, burlap, or painter’s tarps, the fabric allows plants proper airflow.

    2) Can be left on all winter: Frost blanket allows water & sunlight to go through! We suggest applying frost blanket during the first freeze/cold front & leaving it on throughout the winter. This is much easier than putting blankets on & off again throughout the winter.

    3) Insulating: Frost cloth traps a layer of air between the fabric and the plant, which provides insulation to keep the plant warm. The fabric also prevents warm air from escaping away from the plant, which helps to maintain a warmer microclimate around the plant

    ***NEVER use plastic to cover your plants! Plastic will actually burn your plants if touching the leaves & does not allow for air flow.****