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4 Benefits Of Native Plants

    4 Benefits Of Native Plants

    Create a low maintenance garden that has immense ecological benefits!

    Long before European culture migrated to the United States the landscape was fairly untouched. What naturally grew here flourished & lived in a thriving ecosystem. With the introduction of non-native plants & the rapid development of our natural lands we slowly began to lose our native plants & with that, natural habitats. History has proven that when we disrupt one part of the food chain we then disrupt every species in that food chain. Bugs, birds, mammals & even micro-organisms are being displaced everyday & it’s up to us to make our yards viable & inviting for these animals to find a habitat in. In this article we’re going to discuss the 4 reasons why native landscaping is beneficial for you & the environment around you! Don’t make your yard a dead zone & landscape with purpose!

    • Native plants are healthier and stronger.  Native plants are more likely to establish quickly and will naturally be hardy and healthy. Native plants have adapted over thousands of years, learning to thrive in particular areas to grow in harmony with the environment, the soil, the water supply, and the weather. Their root systems are deep, sometimes up to 15 feet, which helps absorb carbon in our atmosphere. Research has shown that well established prairie grasses can absorb just as much carbon as a forest.
    • Native plants create a habitat for wildlife The animals & bugs in your region have adapted to a certain type of habitat. When we plant non-native exotic plants, we are taking away a food source for many of our native wildlife. We think of the obvious pollinators, like bees, birds, and butterflies, but plants also create homes for small animals, warm and cold-blooded, and microscopic organisms in the soil. All these living things have jobs to do; the natural environment promotes a symbiotic relationship.
    • Native plants help the environment.  Native plants require much less watering, fertilizer, and pesticides. They prevent water run-off and improve air quality. They are extremely low maintenance because they are used to their environmental conditions & do not require a lot of upkeep.
    • Native Plants save you money. Native plants are accustomed to the environment they are from & the bugs that typically eat them. Therefore they are already prepared for the weather conditions & will not need any additional fertilizers, pesticides or copious amounts of water to keep them alive. Plant them, and then allow nature to take its course!

    Native landscaping is the first step towards helping the natural world around you. You can make a massive difference in your own backyard by introducing native plants!

    Check out our list below of our full list of native plants carried at Jimbo’s Nursery to start your native garden today!