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Garden Guide

March Garden Guide

    Spring has sprung & so many plants are growing & blooming right now! Before you start planting, take a step back and re-evaluate your garden. Do you want to expand, work on your soil, should you have fertilized more this year? Take the lessons from last year and apply them to this years garden.

    December Garden Guide

      Creating a to-do list for your Houston garden in December involves tasks that are influenced by the local climate and seasonal changes. While Houston generally has mild winters compared to many other parts of the country, there are still specific… Read More »December Garden Guide

      mums and pumpkins in a fall garden

      November Garden Guide

        November brings cooler temperatures and a shift in gardening tasks as the fall season progresses. Here’s a to-do list for your November fall garden.

        mums & kale at plant nursery in houston texas

        October Garden Guide

          Cooler weather & more frequent rain are revitalizing our gardens & allowing plants to come back alive! We love to refer to this time of year as our second spring & are so excited to get back into our gardens!